Unsealed 4X4

The most-read 4X4 publication in Australia in its first issue, Unsealed 4X4 continues its meteoric rise. Cleverly supported by a fully responsive website, social channels, huge database and television commercials, it’s no wonder. If you want to reach the Australian four-wheel driver fast, there really is only one option. Unsealed 4X4 talks to them each and every week.



Unsealed 4X4 is Australia’s most-read 4X4 magazine … which can have its advantages. Each issue attracts over 224,000 unique visitors and over 5.6 million page views. To complement each issue, newsletters are sent out on a weekly basis to over 340,000 readers. 



The Unsealed 4X4 website works hand in hand with the magazine. Every issue can be found easily on the site; and the search function allows readers to efficiently find what they are seeking. It sums up the perfect space to facilitate engagement.

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Unsealed 4X4’s Facebook page is live with daily posts, magazine content, hilarious videos and an overall great sense of community that keeps the 96,000+ followers up to date. It’s a great platform to join in on the animated discussion.