Year in Review - 2017

To say the least, 2017 was a massive year. We’ve hit milestones and smashed our goals. Here at Pat Callinan Media, these results mean we’re anticipating an even bigger year in 2018.

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 9.46.18 AM.png

Why are these figures important?

Not only have we hit over 500,000 subscribers, we also reach an average open rate of 28% and a massive click-through rate of 8% across our brands. Doesn’t sound that great? Compare that to the average open rate on MailChimp segmented by industry… the Media and Publishing segment is reaching an average of 22% open rate and 5% click-through rate. Further to that, our content falls within the Travel and Transportation segment which reaches an average of 20% open rate and 2% click-through. Our figures are meaning a whole lot more now, aren’t they?

We also take our reviews seriously. Reviewing over 1,000 vehicles and products is no easy task and it takes time. Every vehicle and product is tested thoroughly and our results are what you read in our publications. We will always include both pros and cons because we pride ourselves in our honesty.

Sure we have our monthly digital magazines (Unsealed 4X4 and RV Daily) as well as our bi-monthly print magazine (Pat Callinan's 4X4 Adventures) – but we are also on top of everything else. With blog posts and more, we’ve reached over 2,500 articles published for 2017. That’s over 200 articles published every single month. 

What’s to come for 2018? A whole lot more. All we can say is… stay tuned!