Pat Callinan Media produces industry leading content, utilising its highly skilled presenters, editors, marketers, photo journalists, designers, and television production staff.

(And yes, Pat Callinan Media took all of the pretty pictures on this website!)



Currently in production of the eighth series of our network quality television show, Pat Callinan Media has the experience, expertise and resources in-house to produce highly engaging video content for your business.


With thousands of high quality Australian landscape photographs in our database and a host of photographers and photo journalists at our disposal, Pat Callinan Media has the expertise to capture the perfect moment every time.


Our name in the industry is synonymous with high quality products and design. We are known for our focus and ability to produce some of the most thought provoking experiences for consumers and we can deliver the look you need.

Storytelling. It's what we do


Every destination, every product, every company and every person has a story. Yet the way that story is told is critical. Tell it the wrong way with the wrong angle, and the modern brain switches off, or at least switches websites or television channels. Tell it the right way, and you will have entertained, informed and engaged. We like to think that we have honed our skills pretty well over the years shooting documentaries, eight seasons of television and countless corporate videos and television commercials.

We look forward to telling your story. 




Authentic, emotive content.


Creating compelling and authentic 4X4 content is easy for us, because our company is staffed by real 4X4 enthusiasts. When they aren't in the office, they're out and about behind the wheel of their own 4X4. When you're living and breathing it like we do, authenticity comes naturally.


Working with us means you can use this authenticity to your advantage. Today's reader is unscrupulous when it comes to content. They want something informative and entertaining, edgy and expressive. This is what we do, and (if we may say so ourselves), we believe we're pretty good at it.


A publication for you, by us.


Content marketing is often the most effective method of telling a story and disseminating a key message . We are experienced publishers of quality content across a variety of mediums, and can make something just for you. After all, it's one thing to have a database, it's another thing to communicate with that database effectively. 

We've worked with Ray's Outdoors, CUB Campers, and if you ask nicely, we might even work with you ;)


The Image is Everything


We just LOVE pretty pictures. Whether that means getting pretty dirty, pretty muddy or driving a pretty long way, we're up for it. And let's face it, while our studio can create beautiful images, there's nothing like having your product on location, where it is supposed to be. So give us a call, and find out how we can not only capture great imagery for you, but if its deemed relevant by our editors, we can integrate it into our editorial for even more reach. 


The Silver Bullet?


Wouldn't it make your marketing strategy easy if there was a silver bullet - a single marketing solution to help you reach your targets with relative ease? With the fractured modern world of marketing, that silver bullet is unfortunately a myth. But with our suite of highly desirable media real estate, we feel we've got the next best thing.


With an email database of over 300,000, Australia's most popular 4X4 television show, Australia's most widely read 4WD magazine (Unsealed 4X4) and Australia's most respected print magazine (Pat Callinan's 4X4 Adventures), plus serious social media firepower, we can get your message out to more people than any other 4WD media brand. But that's not even the best thing. The best thing is that your product will be placed in a beautiful quality environment, surrounded by high-end editorial. And if that doesn't translate to better brand awareness and improved brand perception, then well, we'll eat our Akubra's!