RV Daily

Since RV Daily’s launch at the Queensland Caravan, Camping and Touring Supershow in June 2016, we are proud to say it is now officially Australia’s number one caravan and RV magazine. This huge monthly magazine tackles the hot topics as well as travel, caravan reviews, holiday parks, events and accessories. So if you want to reach the caravan and RV community in Australia, hitch up to RV Daily.

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Being the most-read caravan and RV magazine comes with its perks. RV Daily attracts around 153,000 unique visitors and 4.8 million page views per issue – so there’s no better platform to be involved with. What’s more, the magazine newsletters are sent to more than 360,000 readers weekly.

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The RV Daily website works hand in hand with the magazine. Every issue is hosted and searchable – so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for in the categories. All up it creates a great space of engagement for RV Daily readers.



To complement the magazine, RV Daily’s Facebook page is live with posts that keep the 32,000+ followers up to date. Whether you want a daily hit of news, or to share the editor’s humour (which is sometimes questionable) and join in lively discussion, there’s always something going on.

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RV Daily has brought together industry experts in the most comprehensive but practical guide to towing in Australia. It’s all you need to make sure you safely experience the best holidays – hooked-up and happy! This 12-part series will get you towing safely and proficiently in no time at all. Best of all … it’s free!