Pat Callinan's 4X4 Adventures

Brands and personalities come and go, but Pat Callinan’s down-to-earth nature, authenticity, family values and 4WD knowledge have resonated with Australians for the past 19 years. Part of Pat’s appeal has been in not overselling the ‘celebrity’ status he holds within the industry, while always remaining true to what Australian four-wheel drive tourers actually want. Through television, print, website, social and the 4WD media’s biggest email database (over 350,000), Pat’s following is unquestioned.

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Pat’s show was the first nationally broadcast 4X4 TV series … making good use of his lifetime love of 4X4 touring to showcase the most beautiful destinations this country has to offer; as well as giving the audience informative, inspirational and down-to-earth entertainment that’s geared to ‘getting you out there’. 



This premium quality 4X4 magazine – created, designed and printed in Australia, for Australian 4WD owners – was launched to complement the popular TV show. You’ll find stunning touring destinations and honest product reviews, along with articles on how to get the most out of your 4WD lifestyle.



The MR4X4 website hosts the perfect platform to keep our readers up to date with current 4WD news. Readers are encouraged to comment on all current articles. It’s an engaging platform where the content is sent to over 350,000 enthusiastic readers on a weekly basis.



To complement the magazine, Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures Facebook page is an engaging platform for over 249,000 followers. There are daily news updates, incredible videos and handy tips. Join the discussion as there’s always something going on.